Thom Browne

The glitzy ballroom of the Westin Hotel, the fabled Paris venue where Yves Saint Laurent held his iconic couture events, was the setting for Thom Browne’s feast of a show, which closed men’s week.

In lieu of a runway, Browne staged a candlelit food orgy reminiscent of 18th-century European nobility—think Barry Lyndon. Powdered models sat around an opulent dinner table filled with floral arrangements and small taxidermy, listlessly nibbling on peas and roast pig.

You have to admire Browne’s unique showmanship and single-mindedness, even if the clothes felt disconnected from modern life. The plaid breeches, the muted grays, snug tailcoats (some with bows in the back), and puffy shirts didn’t convey the sense of urgency that usually characterizes Browne’s work, even when he orchestrated a space odyssey. Still, when you strip away the pomp and circumstance, there were some remarkable pieces—particularly outerwear—that fit easily in today’s eclectic wardrobe.

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