Adam Kimmel

The fashion posse got their usual fill of arty masculinity at Adam Kimmel’s fall presentation, where images of the collection—by his brother Alexei Hay—hung in a white gallery space. In another room, a rather abstruse yet humorous short film showing a man fighting a sasquatch in the woods of the Northwest was projected on a wall—funny enough to be a beer commercial aired during the Superbowl.

Adam later told us that he travelled to Oregon with his wife, actress Leelee Sobieski, to shoot artist Dan Attoe (whom he regards as a modern-day Frederick Remington, the 19th-century illustrator of the Old West) against the majestic landscape, the sasquatch representing his alter ego.

Meanwhile, a tableau vivant featured models in an elaborate forest setting, complete with campfire and stuffed foxes. The bearded men engaged in, well, manly stuff, like pissing against a tree and quaffing beer cans.

The ironic take on rugged Americana was amusing, and as often with Adam Kimmel, the clothes weren’t affected or particularly eventful.

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