Calvin Klein Likes ‘Em Young, So What?

Calvin Klein is starting out the New Year fresh, very fresh. The fashion icon is throwing a big sweet 21st birthday bash for his young beau, Nick Gruber, who’s been at the designer’s side since last year, says the NY Post. Wide-eyed Gruber has been repeatedly misidentified, called everything from Klein’s grandson to his cryogenic body replacement, but alas, the duo is simply the latest in a long line of May-December romances. And to celebrate their budding love, the 67-year-old designer is renting out Indochine to toast his paramour’s entry into drinking age (he can order Fuzzy Navels all by himself!). Before you yell out “cradle robber,” we remind you that Gruber is no blushing flower, having already made multiple star appearances on numerous “gay entertainment sites,” where the entertainment mostly involves web cams. Lurid exposure for the camera? Sounds like a CK billboard.

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