Dunhill Isn’t Model-Obsessed

Think back a couple of years to the movie Frost/Nixon. Now take the real-life David Frost, the English TV journalist who famously interviewed Richard Nixon (famously because he ensnared the president in a Watergate gotcha moment), and put him in a bespoke suit of his choosing. Combine that image with another one just like it, this time picturing the annoyingly handsome violin virtuoso Charlie Siem, and another one with artist Harland Miller, and you have Dunhill’s very distinguished spring ad campaign, shot by David Sims.

Called Voice, the campaign is a departure for Dunhill, but one whose time has come, because “recognised achievement is the ultimate masculine aspiration and can only ever be attained through skill, intelligence, drive and the ability to be extraordinary. The casting for Voice paid no regard to age, look, status or trend—only achievement.” What a concept.

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