YSL’s Rosy Outlook

You’d have to be a real depresso to resist what YSL calls Pink Celebration. And while often clever branding and fantastic naming is about 90% of a product’s allure, these two highlighting powders ($68 each) signal the end of a drab winter. If you’re planning on trying out the pink face look that’s got everyone releasing fluorescent rose eye shadow this season, the pearl air powder is the stuff that will keep you from looking like you spent too long on a rotisserie. Part of YSL’s cosmetic collection for spring, it comes in two shades: a peachier one for day and a more lilac-toned one for when you want to call in crazy. It’s so light it makes you almost feel like a lunatic for buying something that is so much nothing, until you see the results. Pair it with the cream blush—small, juicy little pots of trouble, and a first for the brand ($38 each)—and the soft luminescence makes you look like a dewy damsel on the cover of a romance novel. Available at department stores at the end of January. 

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