Emmanuelle Alt Named Carine Roitfeld’s Successor at French Vogue

It comes as little surprise, but we’re happy to report that Emmanuelle Alt will be taking over the top spot at French Vogue. The announcement today by Condé Nast France chairman Xavier Romatet put an end to a whirlwind of speculation as to who Carine Roitfeld’s replacement would be—as it turns out, her constant companion throughout her 10-year tenure. Madame Alt thus seems hand-groomed for the position, with ample experience and styling chops to spare, not to mention, of course, that effortless French laissez-faire that seems indispensable to the job. In fact, the duo were often spotted front row in matching outfits, like a couple of fashion-crime-fighting super-heroines. This means that despite the momentous shift, the course of the magazine will likely stay put, which also means we can look forward to the most artistic and impeccably styled selection of T&A that side of the pond. Congrats!

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