Courtney Love’s Infamation by Defamation

Our favorite headline-making headliner, Courtney Love, is starting the year off in classic style, in court to duke out a legal feud incurred by her infamous (and infinitely amazing) Twitter rampages. The latest target is fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir, who allegedly lent clothes to the feisty rocker and then made the grave mistake of attempting to charge for them. Love took her rage to the Twittosphere with memorable quotables like: “I do not make people famous and get raped TOO!” before calling the designer a “drug-pushing prostitute.” Say what you will, but Love knows how to maximize her social-media exposure, and because of the singer’s extensive following, Simorangkir is claiming that this amounts to public defamation, which would be a legal precedent for Twitter, already changing its rules as a result of the skirmish. We’ll see if Love makes history when the case is decided February 6. Whatever the outcome, we’re hoping she joins Tumblr.

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