Tom Ford’s Secret Spring Show Unveiled on Video

With the release of the official video of the top-secret, celebrity-packed show in September, the public is finally graced with a full glimpse of Tom Ford’s biblical return to womenswear. Having taken a peek, we’re not sure if this is a divine revelation or a slightly awkward glimpse behind the curtain, and not just because editors are crammed into the boutique’s central aisle like a really festive economy flight.

First, on a positive note, we’ll never tire of appearances by drag legend Lypsinka and the ever-ageless Amber Valletta. Beyoncé, too, looked spunky and adorable taking multiple laps up and down the short catwalk. However, some of the others—granted, they’re not all professional models—don’t fare as well. Despite their best efforts, they look like extras on those staged fashion shows on Top Model, or a cheesy charity show where TV actresses ham it up on the runway and everyone just goes along with it because it’s for a good cause (and because fashion editors are fiends for pop culture).

Further, the quick, cropped editing of the video makes it practically impossible to see a full outfit or any piece longer than two seconds. Intentional, perhaps? And lastly, we can’t help but wonder if Monsieur Ford, in his quest for pre-Internet refinement (he banned bloggers from the show), may have overshot the mark, giving us a timelessness that belongs more on the set of A Single Man than in modern-day wardrobes. Then again, it could be Ford’s most subversive move yet.

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