Buy Kjaer Weis for the Cosmetics, Keep It for the Refillable Haute Packaging

The taupe, velveteen, creaseless new eye shadow from Kjaer Weis isn’t fooling around. Nor is the rest of the 95% organic line—handmade in small batches with plant pigments and preservatives—consisting of just a few each of eye shadow, lip balm, and blush. All are staples, which founder & make-up artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis knew would happen, as the refillable packaging is a kind of keepsake, cast in a white-bronze alloy and monogrammed with white enamel, making each compact so heavy it turns your cosmetic bag into the chic equivalent of a gym sock with a lock in it. The concept of the packaging, with its various layers, is the brainchild of Marc Atlan, the guru behind award-winning designs at Comme des Garçons and Helmut Lang. With such a sustainable, no-frills ethos, this sets a new standard for luxury. $44-54 and $20-24 for eco-friendly refills at Space NK.

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