It’s Showtime For Baptiste Giabiconi

It seemed like Christmas came early for Euro pop fans (and honestly, who isn’t?) when current Lagerfeld muse Baptiste Giabiconi dropped his first dance single, Showtime, earlier this year. But the real treat arrived today, the release of the full video on the Internet. The clip features everything we could ever hope for in four minutes: motorcycles, desolate pit stops in the desert, confused looking hot girls, a forbidden gas-station love affair, jeans more distressed than the economy, explosions, loads and loads concealer—oh, and about three tons of Chrome Hearts jewelry to underscore the whole biker theme, in case we hadn’t noticed. And, it’s in English. Baptiste croons his way through it like a French-inflected Enrique Iglesias, who must be kicking himself for not hobknobbing more with the Kaiser. We don’t want to spoil all the arresting plot twists and cringy Hasselhoff-ness, so we’ll just say it’s worth a lot of repeat viewings.