Winners of the British Fashion Awards

Not that it needed confirmation, but the British Fashion Awards cemented Phoebe Philo’s status of as the designer of the moment. The Céline designer walked away with the year’s top prize, Designer of the Year, picking up her statuette in a sleek, comfy, impossibly glamorous strapless pantsuit that was yet another example of her nonchalant style. We assume the piece will be sold out by morning.

Other winners included Nicola Formichetti, honored with the Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator for his styling talents and presumably his contribution to the Lady Gaga machine. Lara Stone, who wasn’t born British but married a Brit (plus, a parent is a Brit, so whatever), was also honored as Model of the Year. We won’t be sticklers for rules since any excuse to give the curvy supe props is fine by us.

But the night’s most glamorous moment might have come from the titan herself, knock-out Naomi Campbell, who was honored for her lifetime achievement in being fashionable, from her early breakthroughs to her amazing reincarnation at community service wearing metallic floor-length Dolce. A tearful Naomi thanked all her close friends for putting up with a “crazy, crazy woman.”

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