Guess Who Came to the Dior Dinner?

Jermaine Jackson, that’s who, possibly the very last person on our minds at the Marrakech Film Festival in Morocco. (But upon reflection we remembered he converted to Islam ages ago. And upon Googling later, we found his Muslim name: Muhammad Abdul-Aziz.) Beaming like a politician and shellacked like a…Jackson, he strolled in at the speed of a sand dune. How better to work a camera-wielding mob scene at the King’s Palace?

The surprise sighting happened as we were exiting an already megawatt VIP room, having stuffed ourselves silly with lamb tagine. We rubbed elbows—literally, it was the teeniest VIP room we’ve ever been in—with Charlotte Rampling, Gael García Bernal, Maggie Cheung, Eva Mendes (with Sahara-sized bodyguards in tow), and oh-so-debonaire British actor Dominic Cooper. We don’t normally go gooey for celebrities, but c’mon, Charlotte isn’t your average sleb.

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