Tom Ford to Collaborate with H&M?

Now that the hype surrounding Lanvin for H&M has passed and the resulting tizzy of eBay auctions has settled, it’s time, of course, to speculate on the next high-profile collaborator. But who could take the fast-fashion torch after such a historic collaboration? Where could it possibly go from here? Rumor has it (if you’re to believe an article in the French Tribune) that Tom Ford is up next. Why are we not surprised?

But could it really be true? The H&M venture would be a radical departure from Ford’s ethos of slow fashion, couture-like quality, and restricted availability. Furthermore, the article states it would begin with spring ’11, the season of Ford’s return to womenswear, which is highly implausible. If he does take up the challenge, expect record-breaking lines for tailored suits and plunging necklines at low H&M prices—quality be damned.

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