Hooked: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

The Swedish label Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair has always leaned toward the askew. Now the creative slant extends to their fall/winter bag collaboration with Alstermo Bruk, the two-centuries-old Swedish makers of high-end luggage. The first of two new bags is, literally, a Skew (€370, in black or forest green). Modeled after oblong instrument cases—a tuba case is a curious sight indeed—the briefcase-like bag has a deconstructed shell made out of a durable-sounding material called amo-fiber, yet retains an interior wooden frame, classic leather detailing at the corners, and a vintage checked wool lining. The second bag from the collaboration is the Typewriter (€390, in black or red), for all the nostalgists out there. Both available at the label’s online shop.

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