Karl Lagerfeld Shoots Boys for Pirelli

For his go at the 2011 Pirelli calendar, Karl Lagerfeld looks to the classics, assembling his own personal pantheon of dewy deities in an homage to Greek mythology. But he’s taking a welcome detour from Pirelli tradition and throwing a few nubile boys into the mix of toned, tan supes—although there’ll be plenty of those too. This sneak peek was just released, shot in Lagerfeld’s own Paris studio (the beach is so predictable). The image centers on a modern-day Bacchus framed by his Bacchantes, a departure from the usual T&A fest. Of course, current muse du jour Baptiste Giabiconi will also make an appearance, we assume as a swarthier Apollo. Look for more gods and goddesses when the calendar comes out in December.

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