Electronic Sheep Caps & Scarves

For Hintsters whose memories of 8th-grade history class are fuzzier than the chin of an L-train rider, Sir Francis Drake was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the world, which he completed in the late 1500s. An admiral in the English navy, he’s also credited with defeating the Spanish Armada, and in so doing made numerous trips to the New World when it was highly perilous to do so, what with pirates, scurvy and BO. In short, the man was brave.

So it makes sense that Drake would serve as the inspiration behind a new collection of knits from Electronic Sheep, a London- and Dublin-based label specializing in all things wool (despite that it sounds like an 80s New Wave band). The collection, Pyramids & Pipes, features some of the discoveries Drake made on his travels, things like exotic fruits, herbs, sea life, Native American boats, tobacco pipes, some Japanese stuff—but cuted-up and knitted into thick, warm caps and jumbo triangle scarves that sort of look like keffiyehs…

Details: Paradiso Cap = 10″ high, 11″ wide (across top). Suwa Bobble Cap = 8″ high, 10″ wide. Equator Stripe Triangle Scarf = 61″ x 38″. Asakusa Triangle Scarf = 61″ x 38″. Shunsho Blanket Scarf = 20″ wide, 69″ long (inc. fringe).

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