A Gossip Girl to Intern at W Magazine

The new Stefano Tonchi-helmed W continues its overhaul, gearing more toward a dewier and, shall we say, less Botox-reliant clientele. Now, reports WWD, the re-energized publication is diving straight into the teen trenches, joining the Gossip Girl universe, which has already commanded its own impressive fashion arsenal. In addition to a run of the couture shows and brushes with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, the teen soap boasts cameos from Rachel Zoe and Hamish Bowles. In the new story arc, airing in January, a member of the cast will join the W offices as an intern, and face the trials and tribulations of editorial life. As one spokeswoman notes: “The character faces the challenge of being part of the social elite and then thrust into the ‘real world,’ where one starts out on the bottom rung of the ladder.” Hmmm, who could that possibly be? Clearly, Blair is the best candidate.

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