Tavi Gevinson Gets Sassy

It looks like blogging prodigy Tavi Gevinson is embracing her destiny and joining the editorial ranks of teen pulp. The quirky style rookie has been enlisted by Sassy founder Jane Pratt, who learned of the little one’s love for her now-defunct girl style bible, to contribute to a new magazine. (Incidentally, Sassy is also a fave of Chloe Sevigny, who collects back issues.)

For those of you who were not teenage girls in the nineties, Sassy was like a grungy Teen Vogue that managed to score Kurt and Courtney for a cover, and offered a very juicy and extended sex advice column that sent giggling hordes to detention.

The new publication, launching next year, will stay true to the blogosphere’s democratic approach, recruiting contributions from ordinary girls (and boys). But don’t expect a Sassy redux, Tavi writes on her blog, as this is no revival, but a new fashion avenue for “an audience of wallflowerly teenage girls.” We suppose that demographic could use some fashion advice, and if anyone can be their Anna Wintour, it’s Tavi.

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