Going for Golden Dust

For the most part, the trend in perfume has been accessibility, aka how can a highbrow company lower itself to mallrat standards? Ormonde Jayne is putting a stop to that practice with their new Gold Rush collection: a dusting powder (£400 for 15 ml at Harrods, London) and two reformulated décolleté creams (Orris Noir and Ta’if, each £56 for 15ml on their site) infused with the 24-carat stuff. We’re a little too reckless to be trusted with golden dust, but give us something to slather and we’re on it. Our pick, Ta’if, is balmy in feel and metallic in shimmer, with notes of saffron, pink pepper, and a ton of rose. (Note: please resist the urge to cover yourself with it and head to Times Square to test your robot mime skills, even though you’ll smell lovely.)

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