Franca Sozzani Thinks TV Shows About Fashion Are Boring

Despite being reality TV’s latest addition, Franca Sozzani apparently has a low opinion of its potential, especially when it comes to fashion. And she doesn’t pull any punches saying as much on her latest editor’s blog: “TV shows about fashion are generally boring and, with so many websites on the subject, unnecessary. The most boring things are the shows.” This is, of course, a little ironic coming from the diminutive Italian Vogue editor-in-chief who agreed to partner with Tyra Banks and guest-judge her fashion funhouse, aka America’s Next Top Model. Then again, how can any editor resist teaching young hopefuls about the “real” modeling world with suspended catwalks, shoots on roller skates, swinging pendulums—the list of tortures is endless.

But it might turn out this is just Franca being the straight-shooter that she is, using her blog letters to tackle thorny issues. These include parenting, celebrity covers, why there are so many stupid prizes and, our favorite, plastic surgery before marriage, which produced this gem: “If he decided to marry you, there must have been something about you he liked. What’s the point of showing up at the altar with a new nose and bigger breasts?” After peeking through her archive, we’re hoping her stint with Tyra is just a stepping stone to getting her own show.

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