Alexander McQueen Acquiesces to Hells Angels

It looks like the Hells Angels have some very, um, persuasive legal tactics. Just eight days after filing suit against Alexander McQueen, Zappos and Saks Fifth Avenue for peddling merch adorned with their signature winged-death head icon, the Angels have settled. All of the defending parties miraculously agreed to cease and desist, recall remaining unauthorized items, and even track down sold merchandise from customers (yes, seriously). We’re awed at the speedy resolution. This must be a killer legal team.

Actually, on second thought, we’ve seen enough episodes of Sons of Anarchy to fill in the blanks, so we suggest that if you own any of the booty in question you either smuggle it out of the country or stash it in whatever body cavity you find most convenient. The Angels want it all destroyed, but they insist this is not revenge but a matter of principle. As WWD reports: “They consider it quite exclusive. They consider themselves members, not someone who bought a $495 ring.” Fair enough, and we sympathize with anyone who’s that serious about accessories. On the bright side, maybe the vindicated Angels will lend their services to their former foes, putting some muscle behind McQueen’s gripe against Harry Potter for pilfering one of their dresses. Now that’s a match-up we’d love to see.

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