Another View of Kate Moss on Bryan Ferry’s Latest Album

No matter your thoughts on Kate Moss—her ballet dreams, her adventures in plum jam, Courtney Love’s allegations—you gotta admit the girl gives good face. Which is probably why she’s the most enduring of supes. Here she is on the deluxe vinyl collector’s edition of Bryan Ferry’s new album, Olympia, photographed by Adam Whitehead (former director of photography for Mario Testino). The special release from the Vinyl Factory in London features musical cameos from Scissor Sisters, Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, and Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood. But the fashion set will remember the album for Kate, who, like the nude Olympia in Édouard Manet’s iconic 19th-century painting, artfully sprawls across silky bed sheets with a come-hither yet standoffish gaze. You know you’ve made it when you enter the Roxy Music canon, like the original Bryan Ferry muses Jerry Hall and Amanda Lear. Just, please, no more singing.

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