Is Lara Stone Too Sexy for Australia?

For a country that started out as a penal (that’s penal, not penile) colony, Australia can be surprisingly conservative. Reportedly, Aussies have gotten their non-designer panties in a bunch over the steamy Calvin Klein X Jeans campaign. The gritty black-and-white photos, which raised a few eyebrows in the States, features a sultrier-than-usual Lara Stone posing with slick-haired, high-school-looking hooligans—like something out of Grease, but with better abs. One particular image depicts the Dutch supe cavorting with three male models on bleachers, an enviable position for some, but not for Aussies who aren’t amused by this varsity foursome and deem the image as promoting “rape and violence.” Authorities have gone as far as to ban the campaign throughout the island continent after complaints from women’s sexual-assault workers. But to us, Lara’s suitors look more timid than menacing (she’s a lot of woman, especially for male models fresh out of puberty).

Is this a case of fashion pushing the limits too far, or unnecessary moral policing Down Under? You tell us.

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