Kate Moss Gets Hitched, Maybe

In the latest act in the ongoing dramedy that is Kate Moss’ life, the once wayward supe has finally settled down with her rocker prince. Claims the Daily Mirror, Moss has been wedded to The Kills’ frontman and BF of three years, Jamie Hince, for a couple months now, following a hush-hush August 7th ceremony in Sicily. “A modern-day Taming of the Shrew, I never thought I’d see the day this enigmatic, Croydon-born supermodel would walk down the aisle,” the presumably Shakespeare-hating writer reports. Yesterday’s news quickly reached a fever pitch, and Moss’ agent proceeded to flat out deny the two got hitched.

But here’s where the plot thickens. Now the Daily Mirror has published excerpts from a conversation recorded between the same reporter and a rep from Moss’ agency, Storm, confirming both the ceremony’s legitimacy and the existence of pics, some now in the paper’s possession. “There were so few people present… this is completely off the record… we’d be able to find out where those photos came from,” the Storm flack says, adding, “And someone is going to get shot!” Stay tuned, kiddies.

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