Boy George Collaborates with Mark Ronson

Jailed last year for, um, imprisoning an escort, bad karma chameleon Boy George is back, and clearly still enjoying the company of younger gents. This time, the former Culture Clubber is getting down with DJ and producer Mark Ronson for a new song, Somebody to Love Me, which also features a cameo by homo-friendly Cathy Dennis. Destined for sweaty Beige remixes and tone-deaf straight-people sing-alongs, the track might just signal George’s return to musical relevance—thanks to Ronson.

Perhaps less grateful these days is Gavin Rossdale, who finally confirmed a dogged rumor first floated by Boy George 15 years ago. Indeed, around the time Colour By Numbers peaked in the UK, it seems Mr. Gwen Stefani was fooling around with a drug-addled, crossdressing pop diva. Sadly for Boy George, it was his old frenemy, Marilyn, aka Peter Robinson, not him. Should he wish to keep the positive collabs coming, however, might we suggest he make peace with Rossdale and do a duet?

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