Kate Moss’ Income Has Doubled In the Five Years Since That Video

Drug scandals may derail ordinary mortals, sending fallen heiresses to prison or truncating the careers of aspiring starlets, but not so for Kate Moss. It’s been five years since a certain video made the rounds, and fashion’s little titan (or Cocaine Kate, as she was briefly christened by the British tabloids) couldn’t be doing better, thankyouverymuch. According to Storm Models’ founder Sarah Doukas, who discovered Kate at the tender age of fourteen, the spunky waif’s income has doubled in the five years since, exploding with lucrative contracts and projects, including her successful line with Topshop, which comes to an end this winter. She notes in a recent radio interview: “All press is good press in the world we live in.”

Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you’re drop-dead gorge and everyone’s dying to dress you. But just in case you think Kate is going goody-two-shoes, as her upcoming line of jam preserves might suggest, her recent appearance at French Vogue’s masquerade ball hints otherwise. It seems there are plenty of ratty haired, lipstick-smeared nights left in her. And for that, Kate, we salute you.

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