A Store Is Born: Triple-Major

There’s more to China than cracking down on Google and trashing the Nobel Peace Prize. At least one store, Triple-Major, is pushing for democratic reform of the fashion kind. Located in an old-style hutong, or alley, and disguised as a Chinese clinic (complete with an acupuncture statue and apothecary chests), the little-concept-shop-that-could is bringing international avant-garde labels to the very center of modern communism. These include Patrik Ervell, Fabrics Interseason, Pelican Avenue, Anntian, Daniel Palillo, Mundi, and Rozalb de Mura.

The second floor and roof, meanwhile, have been converted into an art space for global artists and designers to show their work. Upcoming exhibits include an installation by ffiXXed.

“Beneath the threads of a garment there lies a concept that breathes life and character into a piece of clothing,” says store owner Ritchie Chan. “We believe that the true value of fashion outstrips its physical form, that true style comes with individuality, creativity and exploration. Through the store, we want to share this value with our Chinese customers.”

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Triple-Major, 81 Baochao Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing. (Launch party: 10/29, 8-10 pm)

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