Phoebe Philo Would Rather Go Naked Than Use Facebook

Céline’s Phoenix-like rise from the ashes might not have come about had Phoebe Philo actually cared about heritage. “I don’t really spend a lot of time thinking, ‘Is this Céline?’” Philo explains to the Financial Times, preferring instead to dress women simply, and in the kind of duds she herself would wear. Memorably, the no-frills approach extended to her first Juergen Teller-helmed ad campaign, spring ’10, which spotlighted merch over models, cropping the mannequins at the chin or neck. Seems Philo’s old-school penchants (no brand ambassadors or even the word “brand”) are as much personal as they are professional. In fact, the designer still reads papers in print, and isn’t down with the whole social networking thing. “I couldn’t think of anything worse,” Philo says of trolling Facebook. “I’d rather walk down the street naked.”

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