Lagerfeld’s Man-Muse Baptiste Giabiconi Makes His Singing Debut

It was bound to happen. Baptiste Giabiconi has finally released a preview of his first single, aptly titled Showtime, confirming speculation that Karl Lagerfeld’s man-muse was working on a debut album. No word yet if Karl has added “producer” to his list of titles, but it was rumored that the brooding model-turned-crooner would perform at the Chanel Soho relaunch in September, hitting the sales floor like a square-jawed Sheila E. But alas, although he made an appearance, his lips remained sealed. Clearly, that’s no longer the case, with a snippet being released on the French TV show Le bureau des plaintes, and subsequently landing on YouTube. The track is heavy on Euro beats, and comparisons to Ke$ha are inevitable, but that’s a small price to pay for what could very well be a Kaiser-shot cover. Life imitating art imitating Zoolander? You be the judge.

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