A Louis Vuitton Exhibit Traces Its Legacy

Even before the first look hit the runway, Louis Vuitton had reason to celebrate. The venerable label, perhaps in anticipation of its triumphant spring colletion, has decided to look back on its illustrious history with a new exhibit at the Musée Carnavalet in Paris that traces its rise from humble luggage provider to current fashion powerhouse. Fittingly titled Capital Voyage: Louis Vuitton and Paris, the show highlights the historic and romantic legacy of the brand, which got it start with imperial pedigree, crafting steamer trunks for Empress Eugene, wife of Napoleon III. From there it was a small leap to dressing leading ladies of the modern age, many of whom turned out for the fete on Monday night, including Catherine Deneuve. The show brings together a broad assortment of memorabilia, as well as choice pieces from the archives. It goes to show that traveling in luxury always pays off.

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