Yves Saint Laurent

Watching the Yves Saint Laurent show was not unlike downloading new covers of 70s hits. It’s all there, perfectly recognizable, certainly addictive, the same vibe, but different—very now, but distinctly then.

There were pristine white halter dresses, crisp as the page of a glossy, and a white skirt trimmed in black ribbon slit neatly up the thigh. Pops of color came in fuchsia flounces on a flamenco-style strapless dress, an eye-popping orange blouse with razor-sharp cutouts in back and a deep sapphire trench dress truncated above the knee. Smart suits had an interesting waffled texture, while a black jumpsuit sported a navel-grazing neckline. And let’s not forget a marabou jacket (damn the heat and drycleaning headache, you want it) and a final suit with loops of fabric cascading from a halter neck.

All too soon, in 35 looks, it was over. It speaks to Stefano Pilati’s restraint that he left his guests craving more. So you replay them again and again in your head until you realize that not only do you seriously want to have these clothes, what you’re yearning for is the past.

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