Punk Princesses Will Have Their Moment

Make no mistake, the Me Decade remains in full effect on the Paris runways. But here’s the catch: Balenciaga and Balmain have swapped boho beach bunnies and disco dollies for much grittier 70s girls. Nicolas Ghesquière got the punk party started this morning. His models sported the sort of haphazard ‘dos given on a whim after a few too many beers before a Cramps concert. Leather motorcycle jackets and vests appeared throughout, along with what might be spring’s it-shoe: a slick, strappy, creeper-like flat.

The punk trope was most pronounced at Balmain, however, where Christophe Decarnin underscored the theme none-too-subtly with a Sid Vicious cover of Frank Sinatra’s My Way. Safety pins, studs, tattered fishnets and torn tees added to the collection’s subversive-with-money-to-burn vibe. It’s the kind of gear perfect for a secret Iggy Pop gig at Don Hill’s where you spend the night evil-eyeing your Russian oligarch boyfriend’s ex across the room.

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