AF Vandevorst

Moving away from their rather severe looks of the past, An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx seem to be in the mood to have some fun. The duo’s spring collection was softer and more fluid than what might typcially come to mind, in a palette of predominantly creamy neutrals and rich gold that shimmered and promised oh-so-much. There was a touch of a seventies boho in a dress or a vest draped seductively around the navel, worn with signature razor-sharp jackets.

It appears AF Vandevorst, not for the first time, got the memo about women needing clothes for every stage of their day. Skirts, for example, that were longer in front felt new when worn over narrow pants, suggesting body armor. These were determined women, as seen in a model carrying an oversized flag bearing a red crest. The message was clear: all hail the AF Vandevorst woman—and who dares argue with that?

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