Carine Roitfeld on Paris Vogue’s 90th Anniversary

French Vogue’s tit-errific Lara Stone-covered 90th anniversary issue has hit newsstands, clocking in at 620 ad-heavy pages. The figure is Wintour-worthy, and in fact editrix-in-chief Carine Roitfeld explainstothe Times’ Eric Wilson thather rumored rival has actually been a positive influence. “It’s good that Anna Wintour was the one who needed to kick our butt, in a way, to do something,” Roitfeld concedes of reaching out to young talent. “She did a lot in America, but in Paris, we were a bit slow.” At the same time, however, the fast pace of democratic fashion these days also irks Roitfeld, who would prefer to ditch live-streamed shows for more leisurely, Tom Ford-style presentations. “No one saw one outfit, except the 100 people who were guests,” she explains. “It was smart, because it makes envy.” But while Tom may make the uninvited see green, Roitfeld is already plotting her next career move. “I have a new job now: bartender. That is my dream, and also to open a karaoke.”

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