Money Where Your Mouse Is: Lanvin

So your fantasy of swooping into Paris for Fashion Week has fallen flat. Again. You’re realizing you won’t be paling around with Cathy Horyn in the front row, you won’t be trading bleaching tips with Daphne Guinness and you won’t be the life of the after-party. No, you’re stuck with fuzzy live-streams and hysterical tweets.

Not to worry, your day will come. In the meantime, small consolation has arrived. Lanvin has just launched a new site with all kinds of goodies to keep your mind off your crushed dreams. And it isn’t just a gallery of past collections. Here’s what you’ll find: a timeline of the century-old house, all the news about the collaboration with H&M you can handle, a wall of videos, and adorable sketches by Alber Elbaz himself. Adorable because they’re not of the elegant Erté variety one normally associates with designer sketches; think, um, Peanuts.

Better still, for the first time, the site is equipped with an e-store, an abbreviated grab-and-go version of the Lanvin universe. We spotted everything from T-shirt dresses to studded belts, sequin coats to fox-fur earmuffs, leopard-print ballerina flats to porcelain dolls. Plenty of men’s, too, including slogan tees, signature bow ties and those giant backpacks from Lanvin men’s designer Lucas Ossendrijver. It’s enough to keep the most hardcore of daydreamers heavily sedated.

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