Anna Wintour Can Cope with “White Trash”

Like many well-heeled media peeps, Anna Wintour has a second home far from the city. What is surprising to learn is that the not-so-humble Long Island abode (which adjoins her 1820 summerhouse property) isn’t in a tony enclave, but in Shirley, a town the editrix once described as “white trash.” Wintour spoke to former Vogue colleague Sally Singer for World of Interiors’ October issue, likening the home’s quirks to seeing through a particularly vexing editorial spread. “It had a perplexing reception room with difficult, though grand, proportions. It had lawns that tumbled down toward a beautiful-to-the-eye, toxic-to-everything-else river. It had nearly 25 acres of difficult trees in deer-infested woods. It was, as we say at Vogue, challenging.” Given Wintour’s foe-of-PETA standing and her uncanny knack for taking care of business, we wouldn’t be surprised if the home suddenly acquired a few well-appointed deerskin accoutrements.

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