Money Where Your Mouse Is: Maison Martin Margiela

Hold on to your white stitching because Maison Martin Margiela is going virtual. On October 1, the house that Martin built will add an online boutique. Of course, this isn’t any old click-and-go e-store, but a meta-conceptual experience that promises to be “everywhere (yet nowhere).” Which sort of explains the new graphics, an X-ray version of the current website, with its sad gray boxes and antiquated MS DOS look.

To celebrate its relaunch, the new internet-savvy Belgian brand is offering a special piece, a reissue of the iconic 5 Zips leather biker jacket, available to online costumers only. A throwback to the dial-up days (1999), it looks positively new, reinvented in glazed indigo cotton denim. The run is limited to 50 pieces for the gents and 50 for the ladies, so we suggest you zip to it.

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