Finally, Completely Nude Models On the Runway

Looking to up the ante on all the flesh glimpsed on the runways so far, wig-making London designer Charlie Le Mindu gave us the full monty yesterday, sending out his mannequins totally, utterly butt-ass naked. Save for Le Mindu’s headpieces, handbags, and Noritaka Tatehana’s heelless shoes, the models braved both ogling eyes and averted gazes to strut their stuff in the designer’s second LFW outing. Known for making gigantic head sculptures out of human hair and, famously, a rat carcass headdress from actual vermin, Le Mindu also creates lovely locks for Lady Gaga. For spring, the designer’s goods included colorful wigs reminiscent of our old Jem dolls, along with an oversized, black disc-like headpiece. Looks were accessorized with neon acrylic nails and at least one hairy pink purse—all the better to cover those chilly lady bits.

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