Jeremy Scott After-Party

If Jeremy Scott’s collection cinched a triumphant second season back in New York, then his after-party was like the sparklers on the homecoming cake. New York’s finest party kids turned out in style to salute the leather-clad designer at The Standard’s new hot tub-equipped den of iniquity, Le Bain.

Among the revelers, artist and current muse Rosson Crow had on a neoprene body-con cocktail dress with a giant bow. It commanded a compliment, and we obeyed, to which she offered, “It’s surprisingly comfortable! I just hope it’s not smelly!” Meanwhile, new male model on the scene Rob Evans ran around snapping pics with his admirers, still beaming from his turn on the catwalk in leather chaps. “My first assignment was Givenchy,” the young Brit told us. “If it doesn’t work out, there’s always boxing!”

Eventually, the nubile boys and girls stripped down to whatever modesty allowed—which, for most of them, wasn’t much—and slipped into the hot tub. By the time the towels were restocked, words like Roman were becoming increasingly appropriate. We can’t divulge the rest of the details for either legal reasons or memory loss. 

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