Anna Sui

This year marks Anna Sui’s 20th in the biz. In her two decades, she’s been a consistently compelling storyteller and decorative-arts geek, finding inspiration in everything from furniture designer Charles Rohlfs to Dr. Doolittle. For spring, Sui conjured a bohemian prairie girl, who, while reared in the corn fields, apparently spent her young-adult years in late-60s Laurel Canyon. Set against a sepia-toned, lone farmhouse backdrop, the collection owed just as much of its down-home artisanal vibe to cross-stitch embroidery, patchwork quilt prints, and floral afghan crochet. Coupled with leggings, bikini tops, slouchy suede boots and feather jewelry, the looks married crafty with dreamy chic. Then, after her L.A. escape, it seems Sui’s little prairie girl made a brief detour in search of vintage Hollywood glamour, trying on black, crystal-encrusted chiffon. Her story ends happily, with a pleated mesh boho bridal gown—and a wheat-chafe bouquet.

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