Rad Hourani

You know what they say: if it aint broke, don’t fix it. In just a few seasons, Rad Hourani has merely fine-tuned his signature geometric layers and draped tops and, more importantly, he’s amassed an army of loyal followers. Not bad for a toddler-aged line that’s already already expanded with a sibling collection.

For spring 2011, Rad found himself going toward the light—well, as much as he can—offering a series of white, drapy jackets that looked positively optimistic (okay, in a day-walker sort of way). The whites provided a counterpoint to his stock of grays and blacks, which were rendered playfully this season with synthetic textures and finishes. The whites were also a nod to early Helmut Lang, who’s been an increasingly ubiquitous reference on the runways.

To a soundtrack of Berlin New Wave and Kraftwerk, these slick layers were topped off with Rad’s latest project, a collaboration with Berlin-based eyewear company Mykita. The frames, equal parts The Hunger and Tron, were specially made for the collection with a new material called Mylon, which we imagine is like UV protection for vampires.

Another sign of the Rad takeover: new footwear in collaboration with ALDO. The unisex line is available in three styles; our fave is a heel-less sandal that looks convincingly stylish on both boys and girls. The best part is you don’t have to wait until the new season, they’re available now for pre-order at Rad Hourani.

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