Patrik Ervell

Stacked bundles of the Financial Times provided a makeshift runway at Patrik Ervell. And it made for a witty commentary on the current economic climate, that the recession isn’t going anywhere, so we might as well look good while it lasts. And anyway, the R-word doesn’t appear to have been too hard on Ervell, who continues to cultivate legions of fans with his signature aesthetic: classic without being boring, dapper but never flamboyant.

Spring’s offerings were a nod to this core market, but it was also a return to the core of the label: great sportswear. The best iterations were in khaki—continuing the ongoing desert theme for menswear. The functional hue appeared in summer sweaters, windbreakers, and of course, all forms of jackets. The best of these focused on the waist, an oft-neglected section for gents, here cinched in the back.

As usual, Ervell’s following was as eerily angular and chiseled as his casting. Sure, it looked like cocktail hour at the Gattaca labs, but it made for a convincing argument for Ervell’s ethos. Come spring, you can curse your bad genes and dwindling gym time, but investing in one of those jackets should provide small comfort.

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