Kate Moss Appears on Bryan Ferry’s Latest Album

Crooner Bryan Ferry’s history of bedding the models who pose for his album covers is well-documented, but until we hear otherwise, it appears Kate Moss is still safely Jamie Hince’s. Like mannequins Amanda Lear and Jerry Hall before her, Moss plays muse to the Roxy Music man, who cast her as the face of his latest solo album, Olympia. So-called in homage to Edouard Manet’s titular nude, the record—Ferry’s 13th—will be out October 25. No expense was reportedly spared when it came time to shoot Moss, who appears crimson-lipped and draped in some serious baubles, her body mostly obscured by champagne-colored silk sheets. Unlike Manet’s original painting, we don’t get a bum shot, but maybe these days it’s best the ubiquitous supe leaves a little more to the imagination.

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