We’re Hearing Rumors of a Britney Spears Show at the Pop Party

Britney Spears has kept a relatively low profile since her Circus tour ended last year, typically appearing either on the beach or in a Starbucks parking lots sucking down venti Fraps. Though she didn’t have a new album to promote (or wacky rumor to dispel), Spears did grace the manga-inspired cover of Pop’s September issue, clad in a Rodarte wedding gown, approximating the gaze she mastered circa Baby One More Time. Now, sources are speculating the singer will make a cameo at Pop’s party at Don Hill’s Friday night. Too good to be true? Sure, a Brit-Brit performance may be wishful thinking, but we have to admit we’d be curious to see her perform in such an intimate venue for a hipster fashion crowd. And something tells us at least a few of those black-clad boys and girls would secretly be squealing with non-ironic delight.

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