Handbrace by SIKI IM & Made By Eugene

The palm is such a sad, forgotten place. Other body parts get all the attention—and decoration. Fingers have rings, heads have hats, shoulders have pads, nipples have barbells. But the palm, it’s just there, exposed and lonely, a no-man’s land of lines, scales and blisters. (Oh, that’s just us?)

But no more! Behold the handbrace by New York men’s designer SIKI IM, in collaboration with accessories label Made by Eugene. One of two black leather straps goes around the palm in a very unconventional yet chic way that says I-grew-up-around-horses, not I-make-my-living-in-a-dungeon. Plus, because it’s handmade, unisex and adjustable, it looks great on any hand. But for you traditionalists out there, it can just as easily be worn around the wrist, like a regular bracelet—or anywhere else, for that matter. But really, don’t you think it’s your palm that could use the lovin’? The price, too, is unbeatable…


Details: 100% genuine leather, comes in a gift box.

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