Anna Wintour to Appear on Jimmy Fallon to Plug FNO

Apparently not content with reigning over most of the English-speaking fashion world in all her bobbed splendor, Anna Wintour is taking to the airwaves tonight, hitting up Jimmy Fallon and his late-night talk show. Now, if you’ll recall, the ash-blond editrix is no stranger to the late-night hot seat, making the rounds a few seasons back to stiffly promote The September Issue. Her appearance on David Letterman was particularly noteworthy, if only for her valiant attempts to make jokes, which invariably ended up sounding like threats. But if at first you don’t succeed, bring an ally! For her comeback, Wintour will bring along none other than Marc Jacobs, and together they’ll try to look effortless and casual as they shamelessly plug—what else?—Fashion’s Night Out.

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