Jean Paul Gaultier Loves Chocolate Too Much to Diet

Unlike our other favorite kilt-wearing male designer, Marc Jacobs, Jean Paul Gaultier doesn’t plan on hitting le gym anytime soon. “Working until late everyday, that’s the best exercise regime ever,” he tells The Telegraph. He also refuses to diet, claiming he loves food, including chocolate, too much. His sweet tooth, however, won’t dissuade him from wearing horizontal stripes, including those found on his favorite fashion item, the Breton tee. Unafraid of a little self-promotion, Gaultier also professes a fondness for Levi’s, with whom he recently collaborated, and his own Belle Mine bronzing powder for men. Finally, when asked the worst fashion crime he’s ever committed, Gaultier says his record is clean—by default. “There is no fashion crime,” he explains, adding, “what is bad taste one day becomes good taste the next.” As for his taste in the male physique, the designer revealed he’d like to have, um, Marlon Brando’s body, quickly adding, “when he was young!” 

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