Corinne Day Said to Have Passed Away

Sadly, we report on the increasing rumors that legendary photographer Corinne Day passed away early this morning. Though no official confirmation has been released, Day had been battling serious illness for the better part of a year. To the fashion faithful, the notoriously camera-shy shutterbug is an icon, seducing a whole generation (ourselves included) into the world of style with her dreamy snapshots of rebellious youth in all their nubile glory. Along with co-conspirators (including stylist Melanie Ward), Day rerouted the course of fashion in the nineties, infusing the spirit of British punk with a romantic, wistful edge. With this singular vision, she generated an awe-inspiring array of imagery for seminal titles like The Face and Dutch. Of course, she’s best known for discovering a diminutive, freckle-faced pixie by the name of Kate Moss. We’ll keep you posted on developments and, in the meantime, treasure her legacy that’s like a light that never goes out.

Update: Sadly, this has indeed been confirmed. Corinne Day has died of brain tumor at the age of 45. She is survived by her partner Mark Szaszy. A funeral will be held on September 3 in Buckinghamshire.

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