Time to Strip

Half under construction, half made to look like it is (so Margiela), New York’s new Strip: Ministry of Waxing is one of few reasons to talk about hair removal in a public forum. With a rubber-gloves-and-face-mask level of hygiene that seems cuckoo in any other non-surgical situation, they scrutinize your fuzziness just enough so you take them seriously. Then, with a gentle whoosh, follicles are emptied via any number of appropriate methods, all of which aim to reduce stress, pain, and un-pretty after-effects. (Wax connoisseurs, take note: they use only products developed for them, and they smell yummy.) Bonus: operating within the spa is an eyebrow’s safe place called Browhaus. Here, they subtract, tint, and reconstruct with such artistic precision you no longer look like your brows belong on someone else’s face. 56 Spring Street, 212-431-1121

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