Get Ready for a Sofia Coppola Moment

Sofia Coppola’s latest cinematic romp, Somewhere, isn’t due until later this year, but it’s already generating buzz. Reuniting Coppola with her Lost In Translation team, the film stars Stephen Dorff as an ennui-ridden actor living out his paternal crisis at the Chateau Marmont (some guys have all the luck). A whirlwind of pools, fancy cars, and plush suites, the film is set to debut at the Venice Film Festival on September 3. And whether it’s serendipity or just well-planned marketing, the subsequent premiere will coincide with the launch of Coppola’s latest bag collaboration with Louis Vuitton. These include a series of handsome weekend bags that would be perfect for a soul-searching sojourn at a posh hotel. Is this commerce imitating art, or the other way around?

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